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171. He put me through damnation and I called it cherish.

172. Remain genuine, remain steadfast, or avoid me.

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173. I know I would despise my best memory since it would demonstrate that individuals could counterfeit love or that affection could end or to top it all off, adoration was not sufficiently intense to change an actual existence.

174. Try not to constrain together pieces that don't fit.

175. We become hopelessly enamored each Friday, wed each Saturday, separate from each Sunday, at that point rehash. Isn't that right?

176. Counterfeit love is similarly as harming as open abhor.

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177. Young ladies can counterfeit climaxes, yet young men can counterfeit love.

178. I cherish counterfeit individuals, give they are mannequins.

179. Tired of phony individuals, counterfeit grins, counterfeit embraces, counterfeit companions, false expectations.

180. The most noticeably bad wrongdoing is faking it.

181. I'm in fact…

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